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1 About us!

1. “God with us”

2. Abd-ru-shin

3. Grail Message

4. Grail Movement

5. Grail Settlement

6. Grail Foundation

7. “Us”

2 God, Light and Grail

1. Trinity

2. Jesus

3. Imanuel

4. Light

5. Grail

6. Triad

7. Servants of Grail

3 Cosmic Tourning -Points

1. Christ

2. Servants of the Christ

3. A new knowledge

Terms and Conditions

4. Alliances

    Old Alliance

    New Alliance

    Current Alliance

5. Testaments

    Old Testament

    New Testament

    Current Testament

6. Grail Festivals

4 Prophecies of the Lord

1. Prophecy of the Oracle

2. Prophecy of the Archangel

3. Prophecy of the Christ

4. Prophecy of the Lord

5. Prophecy of the Called

6. Its Significance

7. Chosen and Called one

5 New Sent One

1. Mistrust…

2. The call…

3. The Sent One

4. The Sword of the Lord

5. Mercury:Guardian of the Grail

6. The knowing Eagle

7. The Bearer of the Work of the Lord

6 Wife and Society

1. Femininity

2. Masculinity

3. Homosexuality

4. Morality

5. Death

6. Reincarnation

7. Illumination

8. Clairvoyance

9. Family

10. Chosen Peoples

11. Nations

12. Science  and Religion


7Antichrist and Judgment

1. Lucifer

2. Original Sin

3. Inherited Sin

4. Mortal Sin

5. Wound

6. Judgment and hell

7. The  Judge

8 Crossbearers

1. Truth

2. Christians

3. Jews

4. Muslims

5. And  the others

6. Cross bearers

7. Grail Service

9 Millennium

1. The King

2. My thanks     

3. Conviction

4. Millennium

5. The Paradise

6. The Work bearer

7. Humility

10 Everything must become new

1. The small group

2. Disinheritance

3. Grail Order

4. Grail World

5. Mountain of Salvation

6. Diffusion of the Word

7. “I send you”…

11 Donation and Diffusion

1. Admonitions of the Lord

2. Donation for diffusion

3. Temple of the Lord

4. Grail Knowledge

5. Grail schools

6. Accomplishment

12 Questions and Answers

1. The called en 1936

2. The movement in     Brazil

3. The Stiftung and the     Siedlung  

4. The edition of the last hand and the one before

5. Aliens, UFO, modern  Sciences

6. Witchcraft, Magic,   mystic  sciences  

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1. Femininity

  The Light needs you in order to install his Millennium on earth! Thus, the Light prepares you to be on his side and not on the side of the Antichrist or anti-woman! The Title: "The woman is the most gifted being" or  “The Woman is superior to Man” ... is proof that the Light is calling you now ... Remember this: " She who is much given , she will be much demanded”!. And the cerebellum is to use well!

2. Masculinity

  "He who does not want to help, he won’t be helped..." So help woman, if you want to serve the Light, God! The Light is also calling you to be on his side during the judgment ... The title of the book "the secret of man ..." can mean much to some people

3. Homosexuality

  It does not have to do with the earthly body, notably sex or gender, but with the soul! If women and women are beginning to see the unresolved problems of society in this way, then the solutions doors will be wide open and no one will dare attack his neighbour ... which was also created by God!

4. The Morality

  In this world of chaos, the word "morality" marks the limit between light and darkness! Therefore, any chief according to God's laws must be morally good! In any movement! Grail Movement, Religious or scientific Movement! Light already spoke of it.

 5. The Death

  The Light also talked about it. Therefore, we might consider death as birth, so the resurrection in the beyond. Therefore, it is completely natural that we often forget that it is a miracle like the birth...

6. The Reincarnation

       It has become now an indispensable element for the understanding of human destiny ... Abd-ru-shin spoke about it... Therefore, we will talk about it, as the reincarnation has to deal with the resurrection! But the resurrection has to do with Life, which is the Word! All this is nothing religious.

7. Illumination

  Like the reincarnation, the illumination has to do with the Light, the Truth! However many servants of churches, mosques and temples and other followers of religions or spiritual sciences believe themselves illuminated ... but the spirits are illuminated only in the Light of Truth...



8. The clairvoyance

  The Light has put some seers within all peoples of the earth. But unfortunately a lot of them use it to bad knowledge to trick the people who suffer while designating themselves as prophets... But a human spirit of the post-creation (subsequent creation) cannot become a prophet.


9. The Family

  God, the Light doesn't know the civil family as such, but the human family. Therefore, the Light doesn't have preference of a family to another... For there is not a spiritual heredity! The difference only resides by the number of called ones in the family in question...

10. The chosen Peoples

  Like family, besides the Lord has explained it in the Message, The Light doesn't have preference of a people over another. Certainly, after the Jewish people, following the coming of Abd-ru-shin, the German people was chosen... Does he want to really to remain so according to the Will of the Lord...


11. The nations

  Following increasingly global and growing problems, nations come together and work together to find solutions ... But unfortunately, they often forget the Will of God ... But human spirits of the earth, let yourself be guided by the Word ... so that you find finally the peace and happiness, so long desired!

12. Science and Religion

  The Science and the Religion cannot be separated... However only the intellect goes in this sense! But the science is God's gift for the humanity... But the religion is not God's gift! These are the men who created it in view of their need! But the teachings that there remained pure and given by the prophets of Light are God's gifts!