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1. The Called ones in 1936

  Different explanations, commentaries have been given through decades from down upwards... But let us try to see these events from top downwards! And only from top downwards, that the things will be clarified and will remain in the Light of the Truth! The year 1936 is characterized by one of the biggest exhortations of the Son of man: "You, Cross bearers, everything will take place differently of what you believe, until the ground is ready so that the promises in the writing are accomplished! The things could have happened otherwise, if the humanity had seized the WORD and covered of roses the Path of the LORD, instead of covering it with thorns and stones!" By these words, the Lord confirms what he had already said in 1929 in the conference "The stranger." The confirmation of all of it is the fact that what was in the sphere of subtle matter became reality through the deeds, the thoughts and the intuitions of the human spirits. Let's consider merely the events of that year; 1. The Light was arrested 2. The humanity with the Olympic games of Berlin recognized the Nazi Regime 3. The German People in its whole stood by the side of Nazis, become instruments of Darkness 4. The called ones (Knights, Apostles, Disciples.) as a whole failed. In spite of the solicitude of the Light, then as mentioned in the conference "the stranger", the fact that the Lord considers his servants as friends is the proof of the alarming state of the spirits in this world of darkness!  Normally, the Lord should guide his called ones! Given their immaturities, he could even help anymore! But simply to accompany! Because spiritually, there is an enormous difference between guiding, helping and accompanying the spirits! In other words, rather than the called serve him, it is the opposite, it is him, who serves them so that they don't fall. As a result of this fall, the feast of the Grail that ensued was little bit different... among other things, the Rose began to leave the Matter, the Lily had veiled her face... The Cross Bearers had misunderstood a lot of things. It is not that the two Ladies or the two Queens who hadn't accomplished... It is the failure of the Called, who should prepare the soil so that they can serve their Lord on earth... They were not at all empty envelopes... but these are processes of irradiations that I will speak when I am going to write some books about the Rose and on the Lily... in short, the things should be as this according to the plan of the Light, between the years 1921 and 1929:  the called ones, the German People and the humanity should already recognize the Lord... And the Grail Message distributed in several languages... With a view to the judgment and Millennium... to follow shortly in the Knowledge of the Light, of the Grail, of the Creation!

2. The movement in Brazil

  The separation was simply the result of the personal convictions of those Brazilian Disciples in regard to Herrn Alexander, the Lion and in Fräulein Irmingard, the Lily... especially as Brazil is far from Europe! But if those disciples had taken the Word of the Lord as the basis... then, the things would have gone differently him. It is to mark with letters on fire that Frau Maria, Fräulein Irmingard and Herr Alexander were not called to lead the Grail Movement on earth during the Judgment because the Lord should be himself present on earth... But the things took from there other directions... And if those disciples had good relations with the Rose, because being the companion of the Lord, she had acquired a lot more experiences than her children... Because the everyday experiences in life count in service of the God, the Light, the Grail, the Word on earth.

3. The Stiftung and the Siedlung

  As taking the fulfilment of the WORD of the LORD, therefore according to the Will of the Lord or the Grail Message, the Grail Settlement should be the property of Frau E. Vollmann, the Apostle of the Lord, after the departure of the Lily of the earth! While having the most important call as mentioned in the Grail Message! Therefore, the Apostle H. Vollmann should make the Meal (Supper) and the acts of the Grail, as his Lord expected of him, without having to make reports or discussions with disciples or other servants... Therefore the Couple Vollmann should lead the Grail Movement, having the calls of apostolate... But things went differently which provoked fights, disagreements on personal, family and community level within the Cross Bearers ... The disciples who had responsibilities in this area, which I will not name names, on account of their responsibilities and respect, were unwilling separation at first ... but through time and beliefs, things went differently too ... But these convictions must be based on the WORD, the message and not on its own personality, or the personality of a third person, but on the personality of the Lord ... following the first commandment. The true conviction is flexible and evolves with the experience, and not rigid, because what is rigid comes from the Evil, of the calculating Brain... The separation is the work of the evil, of darkness... Everything must become new...

4. The edition of the last hand and the one before

  As a result of fraternal struggles between cross bearers, many have raised questions, expressed doubts, disappointment and distrust ... But by asking questions that the Evil approaches everyone to attempt .... Therefore, be attentive to what we say and do ... Let us walk a bit together with those who say that there is a truncated Message and another True! The goal here is to judge no one. 1. LAW: every human being has a right to everything ... but respecting the Ten Commandments, the Message 2. ORIGIN of this movement is disappointment, thereafter distrust ... Attention this is not an insult on my part ... 3. CONVICTIONS: born of the phrase "What was it like in former time" and not "Once upon a time "4. PURPOSE: to fight for the true Message ... but in the creation, there is one Christ, one God, thus a single Word, a single Message ... despite the form or forms on earth ... 5. MEANS: any child will feel that it is denigration, judgment on others ... 6. LOVE: only for the cause, but also for the Lord, but looking closer, even the Lord himself and his Message is set aside for the cause, because his clear words, his net exhortations, his precise warnings about Maria and Irmingard are no longer respected ... or at least, differently interpreted ... 7. DUTY: my duty, as for any Cross Bearer, for any human being is to unite and not to separate, to understand, not to judge, to love and not to criticize or punish... by living it, we begin to take the first steps into the Message into the Light of Truth who infallibly leads us toward the thousand years kingdom on earth, toward Eternal Paradise, toward the Holy Grail, towards the Holy Light ... and really recognize that the Word is God ... and you will see that the Lord in his infinite wisdom and goodness knows to protect his and his word ... Thus, he sent a messenger to do it ... and will send other Sword Bearers under his leadership to do ... because it is not any called one, who can protect his Word on earth ...

6. Aliens, UFOs, modern science

  I will write books on it to explain events attached to it for the understanding of many...

5. To think about it

  Without woman, no salvation! Therefore, respect woman as such, sister, mother, grandmother... but also the Lily and the Rose...! So only the ground will be ready for the Faith in God! God the Father, God the Son Jesus and God the Holy Spirit Imanuel! And also in his Holy Word!

7. Sorcery, Magic, psychic Sciences

    I also write books on it to explain events attached to it for relief of many...