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1 About us!

1. “God with us”

2. Abd-ru-shin

3. Grail Message

4. Grail Movement

5. Grail Settlement

6. Grail Foundation

7. “Us”

2 God, Light and Grail

1. Trinity

2. Jesus

3. Imanuel

4. Light

5. Grail

6. Triad

7. Servants of Grail

3 Cosmic Tourning -Points

1. Christ

2. Servants of the Christ

3. A new knowledge

Terms and Conditions

4. Alliances

    Old Alliance

    New Alliance

    Current Alliance

5. Testaments

    Old Testament

    New Testament

    Current Testament

6. Grail Festivals

4 Prophecies of the Lord

1. Prophecy of the Oracle

2. Prophecy of the Archangel

3. Prophecy of the Christ

4. Prophecy of the Lord

5. Prophecy of the Called

6. Its Significance

7. Chosen and Called one

5 New Sent One

1. Mistrust…

2. The call…

3. The Sent One

4. The Sword of the Lord

5. Mercury:Guardian of the Grail

6. The knowing Eagle

7. The Bearer of the Work of the Lord

6 Wife and Society

1. Femininity

2. Masculinity

3. Homosexuality

4. Morality

5. Death

6. Reincarnation

7. Illumination

8. Clairvoyance

9. Family

10. Chosen Peoples

11. Nations

12. Science  and Religion


7Antichrist and Judgment

1. Lucifer

2. Original Sin

3. Inherited Sin

4. Mortal Sin

5. Wound

6. Judgment and hell

7. The  Judge

8 Crossbearers

1. Truth

2. Christians

3. Jews

4. Muslims

5. And  the others

6. Cross bearers

7. Grail Service

9 Millennium

1. The King

2. My thanks     

3. Conviction

4. Millennium

5. The Paradise

6. The Work bearer

7. Humility

10 Everything must become new

1. The small group

2. Disinheritance

3. Grail Order

4. Grail World

5. Mountain of Salvation

6. Diffusion of the Word

7. “I send you”…

11 Donation and Diffusion

1. Admonitions of the Lord

2. Donation for diffusion

3. Temple of the Lord

4. Grail Knowledge

5. Grail schools

6. Accomplishment

12 Questions and Answers

1. The called en 1936

2. The movement in     Brazil

3. The Stiftung and the     Siedlung  

4. The edition of the last hand and the one before

5. Aliens, UFO, modern  Sciences

6. Witchcraft, Magic,   mystic  sciences  

© Eagle Wissa

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1. The Distrust

  Each cosmic turning point, when the Light gives knowledge that requires a bit of effort and understanding on the part of humanity ... still stands Mistrust, the rotten fruit of Lucifer ... "God would have said ...." Neither the Light itself and its messengers are never welcome ... We only have to think of the Light, Jesus and Abd-ru-shin in their lifetime and also of their messenger Moses ... and the intellect is there to find small phrases, tricks to divert seekers, Cross bearers from the true path shown by Jesus and confirmed by Abd-ru-shin! It is written in the Grail Message: “Since so far I have been obliged to speak in broad outline, I shall now gradually turn to the new things. Otherwise I would leave gaps!  Moreover I have often been told that I offer only the gist of a subject, which ist not easily understandable to a majority. Others will come who will be able to write one or even several books about each one of lectures." Therefore, do not be swayed by anyone! Do not take it lightly! A word to the wise is enough!

2. The call

  The call of an envoy happens naturally and step by step ... Far from Mysticism. And only by his work that You will recognize him...Imanuel called an envoy in these words: "To high you are designated and intended by God for the service of the Light. Sword Bearer, you have to be for me in the future! Column, which was chosen from above by the Light and built up so far to here down! You do not know yet the Meaning, however, you know one thing, unwavering and iron loyalty, flaming love for the Light must simultaneously rooted in you. Clear as crystal must be your soul before me. From the Light, Force will be given to you to be my right arm on earth. Equip yourself by consequence, so that you learn all that is earthly, indispensable for this. Seen humanly, it is inaccessibly a lot, but it will be made easy for you and your path is smoothed by the omnipotence. Be faithful and true, never falters»

4. The sword of the Lord

  There is only a Sword of the Lord! It is his Word, his Will, his Message... And during the Millennium, only the envoys of the Grail, who are Grail knights are going to reign on earth with the help of the Sword of the Lord so that only can reign the Will of God...  for the human spirits are already disinherited... It is the reason for which, the new Messenger, the luminous Shape seizes the sword of the Lord...


 3. The Messenger

  It goes without saying that the new messenger has been guided since his childhood to learn everything that is terrestrial, notably the languages, the sciences, the religions, the peoples... for his task here on earth. For his Lord and God! In addition to it, he must know darkness and the human sufferings personally, like his Lord, in order to accompany, to help and to guide them through his work, which is wanted by God. It is a long, incredibly hard path... which he accepted to take on him for the neighbour’s love... that is natural for him. But he is not sent to reign but to serve.

5. Mercury: the Guardian of the Grail

  The Messenger does not just fight the darkness for the judgment, but he built for the installation of the Kingdom of thousand years! However the installation of the Millennium, of course also of the judgment is a work first of the essential beings, given the failure of human spirits; his presence is indispensable to the operations of the light in the universe ... So it is the sword of the Lord himself!

6. The knowing Eagle

  The messenger should also serve the human spirits who seek the Light by giving them the Grail knowledge! So he keeps the way open to the Grail with the sword of the Lord ... He is the Guardian of the Word ... And as a knowing one, he sees things from the Top downwards... he explains things from Top downwards... ampler explanations will be given to you as well...

7. The Bearer of the Lord's work

   He was chosen to bear the Lord's work for thousands of years ... And you understand me better if I quote the names of the Light Abd-ru-shin and his servant Moses then Parzival and Mercury and finally of Imanuel and Eagle ... This is an irradiation process! And it is a natural process ... When the Light said after him, there will be some people who will write ... they are Grail sent ones, which he will prepare himself for this purpose ... Just consider in his lifetime and by his sides, there were sent ones, including the Rose, Maria and the Lys, Irmingard, as parts of the triad and the Lion, the Sword Bearer... did not write as such, because it is not their calls ... There has been chosen ones who wrote "precursors", the works of the Apostle Vollmann... it is knowledge of the soul with images received, and finally the called ones the disciples wrote by testifying ... this is the earthly knowledge .. with words, real-life experiences ... It's willed but this is not yet the fulfillment of his prophecy! But the Grail Knowledge of the Messenger gives notions so that the cross bearers understand the Message and can bring the light to suffering humanity ... So the knowledge of the Grail gives explanations in the divine, spiritual, essential and earthly world! So he wrote the Knowledge of the Light, Knowledge of the Grail and Knowledge of the Creation who come from the Grail Message, the Word ... that is God!