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Us Light Turning Prophecies Sent one Woman Antichrist Bearers Kingdom Everything Donation Questions

1 About us!

1. “God with us”

2. Abd-ru-shin

3. Grail Message

4. Grail Movement

5. Grail Settlement

6. Grail Foundation

7. “Us”

2 God, Light and Grail

1. Trinity

2. Jesus

3. Imanuel

4. Light

5. Grail

6. Triad

7. Servants of Grail

3 Cosmic Tourning -Points

1. Christ

2. Servants of the Christ

3. A new knowledge

Terms and Conditions

4. Alliances

    Old Alliance

    New Alliance

    Current Alliance

5. Testaments

    Old Testament

    New Testament

    Current Testament

6. Grail Festivals

4 Prophecies of the Lord

1. Prophecy of the Oracle

2. Prophecy of the Archangel

3. Prophecy of the Christ

4. Prophecy of the Lord

5. Prophecy of the Called

6. Its Significance

7. Chosen and Called one

5 New Sent One

1. Mistrust…

2. The call…

3. The Sent One

4. The Sword of the Lord

5. Mercury:Guardian of the Grail

6. The knowing Eagle

7. The Bearer of the Work of the Lord

6 Wife and Society

1. Femininity

2. Masculinity

3. Homosexuality

4. Morality

5. Death

6. Reincarnation

7. Illumination

8. Clairvoyance

9. Family

10. Chosen Peoples

11. Nations

12. Science  and Religion


7Antichrist and Judgment

1. Lucifer

2. Original Sin

3. Inherited Sin

4. Mortal Sin

5. Wound

6. Judgment and hell

7. The  Judge

8 Crossbearers

1. Truth

2. Christians

3. Jews

4. Muslims

5. And  the others

6. Cross bearers

7. Grail Service

9 Millennium

1. The King

2. My thanks     

3. Conviction

4. Millennium

5. The Paradise

6. The Work bearer

7. Humility

10 Everything must become new

1. The small group

2. Disinheritance

3. Grail Order

4. Grail World

5. Mountain of Salvation

6. Diffusion of the Word

7. “I send you”…

11 Donation and Diffusion

1. Admonitions of the Lord

2. Donation for diffusion

3. Temple of the Lord

4. Grail Knowledge

5. Grail schools

6. Accomplishment

12 Questions and Answers

1. The called en 1936

2. The movement in     Brazil

3. The Stiftung and the     Siedlung  

4. The edition of the last hand and the one before

5. Aliens, UFO, modern  Sciences

6. Witchcraft, Magic,   mystic  sciences  

© Eagle Wissa

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1. The admonitions of the Lord

  One of the biggest admonitions of the Son of Man: "Bring help to them in the Word! For this is what they need first!"

  A second "Much will be demanded of him to whom much is given."

  A third: "He who does not want to help, he won't be helped."

2. The Donation for the Diffusion

   So that the Word is accomplished, the new Messenger, who carries the Word spiritually in him, has been called by God to translate the Word into more than thirty languages of the World so that the whole humanity has the possibility to recognize the Word... with a view of the Judgment! As announced by Jesus the Lord: "This good news of kingdom will be preached all over the world, to act as testimony in all nations. Then the end will come!" Or as mentioned in the apocalypse"; ... he had an eternal Gospel, to announce it to the inhabitants of the earth in all nation, tribe, language and people!"

 The one who wants to help, he can make a donation:




3. The Temple of the Lord

  As mentioned in the Prophecy of the called, his mission also consists to construct the Temple of the Lord! Of course, not at all alone, but with the Cross Bearers who long for it, for it is the will of the Lord...

4. The Grail Knowledge  

  The Grail knowledge of the sent one also serves to help the Cross Bearers to understand the Word, the Grail Message so that the latter can carry light to the humanity! The messenger's knowledge gives some notions that the knowledge of the chosen ones, notably the books of the Forerunners... cannot give, for these latter only receive pictures! It is thus the knowledge of the soul. And with the knowledge of the called ones, it is the terrestrial knowledge! Attention, it is also a knowledge expected of the Light! But with the messenger's knowledge, it is the knowledge of the Spirit, because this latter can appropriate it in himself, to make it his own and to carry it away into the beyond! Therefore this spiritual knowledge helps him to understand the knowledge of the soul and the terrestrial knowledge! In order to understand everything!

5. The Grail Schools  

  Thanks to the knowledge of the Grail, the schools of the Grail will build themselves for everything, notably in all domains of life! And the humanity will be astonished to know that it doesn't know anything, in truth! And it will be ashamed of its behavior, because today's science is not the true knowledge.

6. The achievements

  He who loves the Light and all humanity aspires only to accomplish, not enrich himself personally ... for buying your book personally, there is a spiritual event that occurs in a loop ... which I will talk soon ... that is why the Lord gave the message but making them paid .... "Do not cast pearls to sows ..." can mean many things for some people!