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1 About us!

1. “God with us”

2. Abd-ru-shin

3. Grail Message

4. Grail Movement

5. Grail Settlement

6. Grail Foundation

7. “Us”

2 God, Light and Grail

1. Trinity

2. Jesus

3. Imanuel

4. Light

5. Grail

6. Triad

7. Servants of Grail

3 Cosmic Tourning -Points

1. Christ

2. Servants of the Christ

3. A new knowledge

Terms and Conditions

4. Alliances

    Old Alliance

    New Alliance

    Current Alliance

5. Testaments

    Old Testament

    New Testament

    Current Testament

6. Grail Festivals

4 Prophecies of the Lord

1. Prophecy of the Oracle

2. Prophecy of the Archangel

3. Prophecy of the Christ

4. Prophecy of the Lord

5. Prophecy of the Called

6. Its Significance

7. Chosen and Called one

5 New Sent One

1. Mistrust…

2. The call…

3. The Sent One

4. The Sword of the Lord

5. Mercury:Guardian of the Grail

6. The knowing Eagle

7. The Bearer of the Work of the Lord

6 Wife and Society

1. Femininity

2. Masculinity

3. Homosexuality

4. Morality

5. Death

6. Reincarnation

7. Illumination

8. Clairvoyance

9. Family

10. Chosen Peoples

11. Nations

12. Science  and Religion


7Antichrist and Judgment

1. Lucifer

2. Original Sin

3. Inherited Sin

4. Mortal Sin

5. Wound

6. Judgment and hell

7. The  Judge

8 Crossbearers

1. Truth

2. Christians

3. Jews

4. Muslims

5. And  the others

6. Cross bearers

7. Grail Service

9 Millennium

1. The King

2. My thanks     

3. Conviction

4. Millennium

5. The Paradise

6. The Work bearer

7. Humility

10 Everything must become new

1. The small group

2. Disinheritance

3. Grail Order

4. Grail World

5. Mountain of Salvation

6. Diffusion of the Word

7. “I send you”…

11 Donation and Diffusion

1. Admonitions of the Lord

2. Donation for diffusion

3. Temple of the Lord

4. Grail Knowledge

5. Grail schools

6. Accomplishment

12 Questions and Answers

1. The called en 1936

2. The movement in     Brazil

3. The Stiftung and the     Siedlung  

4. The edition of the last hand and the one before

5. Aliens, UFO, modern  Sciences

6. Witchcraft, Magic,   mystic  sciences  

© Eagle Wissa

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1. The Christ

  The Christ is the Messenger of God the Father! The Word made flesh! The Christ can only be the Word, that is God! We only have to recall us the prologue of John's Gospel: "At beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God!" These words speak of themselves! The Word is God! The Christ cannot be either the Son of God, Jesus or the Son of man, Imanuel! Because they are one with God the Father! They serve God the Father on earth in living example! Therefore the Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life. The One that shows the Way! The Savior and the Redeemer!

2. The Christ's Servants

  Only the Christ is the Messenger of God the Father! All others messengers are sent in the name of Jesus or name of Imanuel! Therefore they serve God on earth! God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit! The first servants of the Grail are the Queens of the Grail! Then the knights of the Grail! There are the masculine and feminine chosen ones, which are known on earth under the names of prophets or the apostles or precursors. There are also the feminine and masculine called! All of them are Cross Bearers! And each one can bear the Cross! That is to say, to bear the Truth, the Light in oneself in living according to the Christ's Message, the Grail Message!

3. A new Knowledge

  A new knowledge means a new conscience for the human beings! Consequently knowledge means simply conscience according to the Will of God in the creation! And conscience means some inside personal lived experience, in the heart, the personal acquirement and not from the head, intellect, or the collective acquirement! Therefore the difference between the spirit and intellect! The spirit knows how to receive the Light through the intuition, whose tool is the cerebellum and intellect does distort only, to separate what the spirit has received and to bring the chaos wanted by darkness... in this world of chaos and messes! So much in the religious domains that scientific! However the knowledge is one, indivisible (terrestrial and spiritual knowledge). However these are the Christ's servants (Prophets, Apostles or Precursors) who brought his knowledge on earth, that made the big religions and the sciences on earth. And what are the purpose of the dogmas and the blind faith? And now a new knowledge of Christ, of Grail is given to you... that is a big cosmic turning point.


4. Testaments

  With the knowledge, God works indirectly through a servant! But with the Testaments, God acts directly in matter! To begin with the Ancient Testament, God has worked directly in Abd-ru-shin in Matter, on the Mount Sinai through Moses. Notably the ten commands! Therefore the Gospel of the Law, of the Justice! After Abd-ru-shin, the Son of God Jesus comes, the Love, therefore the Gospel of the Love! Known as the New Testament! After Jesus, comes the Son of man Imanuel, the Justice, the Judge announced by Jesus! It is the present Testament! But in reality, it is not any more a Testament, but the Word written by his own hand! The Grail Message!

5. Alliances

  When God intervenes directly, he makes some alliances in his Name with the humanity in his whole! Apart from the particular alliances with his servants! Explanations on that you will be given. The alliances have to do with the Knowledge, notably the Truth! And from the truth come all knowledge, as well scientific as religious, spiritual as terrestrial! The Ancient Alliance has to do with the name of God, God the Holy Spirit! The Law! The New Alliance has to do with the name of Jesus, the Son of God, the God Son, the Love! The present Alliance has to do with the name of Imanuel, the Son of man, the God Holy Spirit! The Judge!

6. The feasts of the Grail

  Even with God's extension in the Creation in Parzival, the Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit, the Light, the Alpha and the Omega, the Creative Spirit, God was always inaccessible to everything that is created! Therefore the Holy Grail! The Cup, Source of the eternal life, the eternal Goodness of God Father! Therefore the feast of the Alliance, of the Holy Spirit, of the Light, God! The feast of the Holy Dove! So that the Goodness of Light touches the post-created ones, it was necessary that the Light separates a part of itself in order to touch their souls! This part becomes the divine Love, accessible to the Spirits! And again, once more, this divine Love gave birth to the spiritual Purity, so that the Light can touch the terrestrial bodies too! Therefore the triad of the Light in three feasts of the Grail! The feast of the Holy Spirit, of the Holy Dove that touches the human spirits! The feast of the love, of the Rose that touches the human souls and the Feast of the Lily that touches the human bodies touch! And you see how God knows how to take care of his servants, the Cross Bearers, as well on the physical plan as spiritual! Certainly, it is a brief Overview...  but some whole books will be given you so that each one makes his own the knowledge that is in it in order to love much better the Light, the Word, the Message and to respect better the Rose, Maria and the Lily, Irmingard.