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1 About us!

1. “God with us”

2. Abd-ru-shin

3. Grail Message

4. Grail Movement

5. Grail Settlement

6. Grail Foundation

7. “Us”

2 God, Light and Grail

1. Trinity

2. Jesus

3. Imanuel

4. Light

5. Grail

6. Triad

7. Servants of Grail

3 Cosmic Tourning -Points

1. Christ

2. Servants of the Christ

3. A new knowledge

Terms and Conditions

4. Alliances

    Old Alliance

    New Alliance

    Current Alliance

5. Testaments

    Old Testament

    New Testament

    Current Testament

6. Grail Festivals

4 Prophecies of the Lord

1. Prophecy of the Oracle

2. Prophecy of the Archangel

3. Prophecy of the Christ

4. Prophecy of the Lord

5. Prophecy of the Called

6. Its Significance

7. Chosen and Called one

5 New Sent One

1. Mistrust…

2. The call…

3. The Sent One

4. The Sword of the Lord

5. Mercury:Guardian of the Grail

6. The knowing Eagle

7. The Bearer of the Work of the Lord

6 Wife and Society

1. Femininity

2. Masculinity

3. Homosexuality

4. Morality

5. Death

6. Reincarnation

7. Illumination

8. Clairvoyance

9. Family

10. Chosen Peoples

11. Nations

12. Science  and Religion


7Antichrist and Judgment

1. Lucifer

2. Original Sin

3. Inherited Sin

4. Mortal Sin

5. Wound

6. Judgment and hell

7. The  Judge

8 Crossbearers

1. Truth

2. Christians

3. Jews

4. Muslims

5. And  the others

6. Cross bearers

7. Grail Service

9 Millennium

1. The King

2. My thanks     

3. Conviction

4. Millennium

5. The Paradise

6. The Work bearer

7. Humility

10 Everything must become new

1. The small group

2. Disinheritance

3. Grail Order

4. Grail World

5. Mountain of Salvation

6. Diffusion of the Word

7. “I send you”…

11 Donation and Diffusion

1. Admonitions of the Lord

2. Donation for diffusion

3. Temple of the Lord

4. Grail Knowledge

5. Grail schools

6. Accomplishment

12 Questions and Answers

1. The called en 1936

2. The movement in     Brazil

3. The Stiftung and the     Siedlung  

4. The edition of the last hand and the one before

5. Aliens, UFO, modern  Sciences

6. Witchcraft, Magic,   mystic  sciences  

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1. The Truth

 The Truth is the Cross of equal bars! Thus, the truth is not the cross of crucifixion used by many believers today! For God, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit does not want suffering nor for human spirits nor for other creatures he created! Bars represent negative activities for women and positive for men. They are equal because they must vibrate in harmony in the Creation! In the creation, the positive and the negative are separated in the Castle of the Holy Grail! This has to do with the Quadrature of the Circle! We will come back later in the details! This brings the cyclical movement in the creation! This movement gives Life! That is why it is mentioned symbolically in the various books of the great religions that the Grail is the source of life for spirits in God's creation! Thus the Grail has to deal with men of the earth directly! The Light Abd-ru-shin has answered the question of Pontius Pilate, as the latter put it once at the Light Jesus before his crucifixion! Truth is the Eternal, the Being! Who was, is and will be! This Being is the Spirit! The Spirit of Truth, announced by Jesus in the Gospel! And the Mahdi, announced in the Koran! The Spirit announced in the Jewish Bible! Thus the Spirit felt by anyone, regardless of confession, profession, race, nationality, gender, education, social status ....

2. The Christian

  "He who loves me is the one who follows my commandments" is the meaning of the word of God the Son, Jesus Christ! One of the most important commandments is to bear the Cross! Over centuries, Christians still did not know how to bear the Cross! But with the coming of God the Holy Spirit, Imanuel, the Son of Man, everything is possible! With his Grail Message, Christians can move from their current spiritual status to a higher status, in particular, be Cross Bearers! The Cross of Truth, the Holy Grail! Already the title of the Grail Message "In the Light of Truth" should challenge the one who seeks with all his body, soul and spirit! Christian spirit, remember this prophecy of our Lord Jesus "And when the Holy Spirit comes, he will convict the world of sin, righteousness and judgment ... I have many things to tell you but you cannot bear them now when he is come, he, the Spirit of truth, he will guide you into all truth "... And he came to Christians, he led them into all truth ... but only few Christians have recognized him... and you, Christian soul, seek and you will find ..."

3. The Jews

   And it came to Jews, he led them into all truth ... but few Jews have recognized him... And you, Jewish Soul, seek and you will find ... For thy sacred book, including the Jewish Bible speaks well of Imanuel through the prophet Isaiah! As Christians have been through the Apostle Matthew! Thy holy book is the gospel of the Law! The Law is Imanuel in person! And this name is mentioned in your Bible! Only His Word will lead you through the judgment of God to the Promised Land...

4. The Muslims

     And he came to Muslims, he led them into all truth ... but few Muslims have recognized ... And you, Muslim Soul, seek and you will find ... For thy sacred book, including the Koran, speaks well of Imanuel through the Prophet Muhammad! As Christians have the Gospel of Love, the Jews, the Gospel of the Law and you, the Muslims have the gospel of Purity! Yet this Purity is derived from the Law, which Imanuel! The Spirit of Truth! But the Hidden Imam, the Mahdi, it's him that the Prophet Muhammad announced for Judgment ... And you, Muslim Soul, seek, you will find...

5. And the others

       And he came to others, who are the followers of the great religions, such as Buddhism, Hinduism ... and but also science and different movements ... in the world, that is to say, all mankind, he led them into all truth ... but few human beings have recognized him... or your science or your knowledge or natural laws, all comes from the Law, the Truth that is Imanuel ... The experience of everyday life in all areas is the language of God, because life is the book of God! Even an atheist cannot refute this argument, because no creature of God can deny the energy... And you, Human Soul, seek and you will find...

 6. The Cross Bearers

  He who loves God, God the Father, God the Son Jesus and God the Holy Spirit, Imanuel is truly the Cross Bearer. "If anyone loves me, he will keep my word, and my Father will love him, we will come to him and make our home with him. He does not love me will keep my words do not ... And the words you hear is not mine, but the Father who sent me. I told you this while I am still with you " The Christ, Jesus, Abd-ru-shin, no longer lives with Cross Bearers physically, but this time, the Word of God the Father became the Book! Cross bearer, have you the courage to live his Word in order to become new?

7. The Grail Service  

    The Lord and his called ones on the Grail Service: "He is permitted to penetrate to the forecourt, to the vestibules of the Grail Castle. This is the most prominent distinction that can be granted to a human spirit!" The Grail Message. And humility is truly the door to the service of God, of the Lord and the Word.